Mouse and Keyboard Combo Wireless Bluetooth Black

Performance The Targus KB55 created as a multi-platform keyboard to work with every possible operating system. It has all the dedicated keys that a Windows or a Mac user might be in-familiar with. The Keyboard uses a scissor-key mechanism to offer crucial optimum travel and keyboard feel. Typing on the Targus KB55 does feel natural with a considerable amount of key travel. The Keyboard also has a dedicated row of multimedia keys on the top row, which works well on both Windows and Mac platform. The overall key-layout on the Tagus KB55 feels familiar for both Windows users and Mac users. However, the kay-layout on the Targus KB55 is more similar to the Apple’s keypad placements. The using the KB55 with a Mac will feel more natural compared to Windows platform. The red indicator light on the top portion of the keyboard will start to flicker if the battery gets drained, hinting for the battery change.



The overall design and the key layout of the Targus KB55 resemble the Apple official keyboard in terms of design and placement. However, unlike the Apple keypad, the Targus KB55 is made entirely using plastic or polycarbonate, which makes it light in weight and easy to carry around.

As the keyboard is made using plastic, there is a little flex. On the back, there is a hinge-like design to house batteries and the toggle button. The bottom portion also houses four rubber grippers on all four corners of the keyboard, which helps in keeping the keyboard stable.

The keypad is very compact and can be carried easily on a backup on a daily basis without worrying about the additional weight. Overall, there is nothing special about the design of the Targus KB55 keyboard. The design of the keyboard is highly-inspired by Apple’s wireless keyboard for the most part.


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